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Wednesday, July 17, 2013 - NEW PHOTOS AND VIDEOS!

We added some new pictures from past events that Joey VeeDub has performed at as well as some more video clips! Click HERE for the pictures! or click HERE for the new videos!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013 - ITS BEEN A WHILE!

So as you guys can tell, it has been a few months since we have updated the site. HOWEVER! Expect a TON of updates to the site over the next few days like new pictures... videos.. and upcoming shows!

Also we are releasing a few more T-Shirt designs and some sticker and hoodies as well! We are really stepping up our game here and hope to deliver for you guys like we have hoped weve done this past year! --

"Thank You to EVERYONE who has supported me this year and a half! I hope to continue to impress, and inspire you guys with each performance! Until next time my friends..

Stay Safe, Stay True, Stay Healthy!"
                                                    - The Joey VeeDub

Thats right guys! You can finally order your VeeDub Tshirts, mixtapes, as well as the products like hates, tanktops, stickers, patches all coming soon!

So head over to the Store and pick up your favorite Joey VeeDub shirt today! We are hoping to release a new design every other week, so keep checking back!

Click HERE For Merchandise Page!

Also check out the SoundCloud release of VeeDub's original track, "M1NdFVCK3d"! Its definitely got a dark industrial dance music feel to it! Possible change in the sounds of Joey VeeDub?

To check out the M1NdFVCK3d, Click HERE to go to the SoundCloud page!

- The Joey VeeDub

Monday, April 8, 2013 - Its Been A While...

...since we here at The Joey VeeDub.webs.com have updated you guys. We apologize for that as things have been crazy. First off, Joey has been in the studio recently working on more original material to be released by this summer! That includes collabs with local HipHop Artist, Max Fisher, as well as local DJs and Producers, Daniel Avila, and Brad DJ OO Hart! There are definitely bangers coming in the future!

Also, Joey is planning on a possible 15 stop tour along the Eastern Coast of the States like Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and possibly New York and Pennsylvania. This is something that is still in the works but is definitely being planned by possibly this winter or spring of 2014. Stay tuned for that!

And as were mentioning planning, Joey VeeDub, and his partner Andrew "Chrill" Ivan from GigaHurtz and a few local artist and promoters are working on an event coming this July titled, "Drop Bass, Not Bombs!" This is a charity event to support the Samaritan's Purse that will be a stacked, fully energized and amazing show full of great Local and possible National Talent, Dancers, Beautiful Lights, Heavy Bass, and all sorts of tricks and treats from clowns and fire spinners, and much much more! Details will be released for that as they come!

Thank you everyone for your support this year so far, and lets continue to do big things! Big thank you to Max Fisher, Daniel Avila, Brad DJ OO Hart, and Andrew "Chrill" for the support and friendships in this industry. Lets take over Orlando and the rest of the EDM WORLD!

- The Joey VeeDub

Joey VeeDub


Daniel Avila

DJ Double OO

Sunday, February 17, 2013  - Photos From LUV DUB Vol 1.0 are Up!!

Last night was absolutely amazing!! Power Supply Productions and Dat Azz Gear.com did an amazing job putting this event together! I had a blast performing for everyone last night as well as checking out the rest of Dat Azz crew as they went hard in the freezing cold!!

Thank you to everyone who came out and showed love and support!

I will be seeing everyone soon!

- Joey VeeDub

Click HERE or the picture below for the photos from Luv Dub vol 1.0!

Wednesday, February 12, 2013  - VeeDub Added to LUV DUB V 1.0, Saturday 2/16/2013!!

This Saturday, Joey VeeDub will be opening the DAT AZZ stage from 10 to 11pm.  Luv Dub is a 2 staged Valentine’s Day themed, late night event with the highest caliber producers/DJ's & live art installations; including graffiti, structural art, and speed painting. Along with heart stopping bass-bins and the most intense visual show Orlando has to offer, we will be welcoming the sunrise with the boys from Silent Disco!! All in a true urban underground environment!!

Click HERE to check out the Event Page on Facebook to get all of the info!  


Tuesday, Feburary 5, 2013  - Forums Are Up and Running!

Thats right members!! You now have an area of your own to discuss anything you want. From local gatherings and activities, to News and Current Happenings. There is also an area dedicated too all genres of EDM. As well as an area strictly for Florida EDM and lastly a Marketplace where you can sell your things! 

So be sure to Join THEJOEYVEEDUB and get access to the forums area where you can get deals on shows, merchandise, and more! 

So click HERE to Join the site.

If you are already a member, then click HERE to go straight to the forums and start speaking your mind!

Monday, Feburary 4, 2013  - New "VeeDub's Daily Post"

Joey makes it short today as he talks about honing down his production skills, an event he has in the works, and possibly heading over to Daytona Beach for a couple of shows! 

" This is going to be quick as I haven't gotten much sleep since I have been focusing on honing my production skills a little more. I have been focusing on a newer track that I think you guys will enjoy once I release a preview of it. My last track has started to gain spotlight and you guys are starting to take notice to it, and I hope you guys are enjoying it. 

Also, I am working with a couple of people on putting together a special event here in Orlando. The event will be called, "Drop Bass, Not Bombs!" and it will be a night full of electronic dance music, respect, love, and good vibes as we all remember the true meaning of being yourself and loving one another....."  --

Click HERE to Read More About the Event and Daytona Beach Shows.

Sunday, Feburary 3, 2013  - New "VeeDub's Daily Post"

Today, VeeDub talks about the release of the site, the guys of Ride or Die, E.S.Empire, and New remixes and the newer "Trap" tracks that are out. 

" So the site is finally up and running, and to be honest, I think I did pretty well. So what I didnt spend alot of money on it to look perfect, that isnt what matters. Yeah I know the photos are definitely amateur, but that is for now. I still have huge plans for this site and I see something great coming out of this. 


Aside from the site, I do have some good news to drop. I've been in talks with some good people. I had a show a couple of nights ago, and was able to Officially meet the guys from Ride Or Die... needless to say... they were down to earth, straight up dudes....."  --

Click HERE to continue reading.

Sunday, Feburary 3, 2013  - New Merchandise Added! 

We went ahead and added Joey VeeDub's upcoming E.P. "The Future Has Passed" which is planned to be released in the middle of March! This will be the 2nd E.P. released by VeeDub since his first self released E.P, "This Is Hardstyle" back in 2012.  

You can click HERE to check out the Merchandise page to find your Joey VeeDub shirts, and CDs!

Saturday, Feburary 2, 2013   - Official Site Launch!

Thats right! As of 6:30 PM, the Joey VeeDub site has OFFICIALLY been launched!! Finally, after all the hard work that has been put into the site, we here at The Joey VeeDub feel like we have taken another step in the right direction towards the spotlight with the release of this site! 

We would like to Thank everyone for the support and love they have shown for Joey VeeDub and the EDM industry! Without you, EDM would not be what it has become. You guys drive us artist and labels to continue to create such positive vibes, and we greatly appreciate you for that! 

Lets continue to grow together as we here at The Joey VeeDub continue to grow as well. --

Saturday, Feburary 2, 2013   - New Post in "VeeDub's Daily Post"

Thats right, Joey has posted his first of many updates in his "VeeDubs Daily Post" With the site officially released, read Joey's blog as he updates you with a couple of new things going on with the site!  

" Just today, I have about finished typing up my own Biography, which is a little awkward when you have to talk in 3rd person. I have also touched up the Home page a little as well by sprucing up the text a little and adding the "Updates" section of the home page...." 

 To read more, click HERE! --